Transgender Beauty Contestant Visits Canadian Catholic School

Jenna Talackova

Contestants in the Miss Universe Canada pageant recently visited St. John Vianney Catholic school in Toronto, Canada.  Included among the contestants was Jenna Talackova, the first transgendered contestant.  The Globe and Mail newspaper hosts a news video clip of the visit on its website, which can be viewed by clicking here.

Vince Moretti, principal of the school commented on the visit:

“We are a Catholic, all-inclusive school, so we do respect everyone. So that’s not really an issue for us. We are a welcoming community and we are a Catholic community.  We welcome everyone.”

Among Talackova’s statements in the interview:

“We were born crying.  Does that mean we’re going to be a crybaby all of our lives?  No. You develop your inner self, your inner soul.  To embrace your individuality is what I want to give to this world.”

Congratulations and best wishes to Jenna, as she goes on to the competition!  Congratulations to St. John Vianney school for being a witness to Gospel inclusiveness and welcome!

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry



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  1. Brother Benilde Montgomery, O.S.F.
    Brother Benilde Montgomery, O.S.F. says:

    Congratulations Vince! He seems to share with Joyce what Maureen Dowd reminded us of last week: Catholic=HCE=Here Comes Everybody! An idea the Bishops might want to contemplate. I wonder if they read the Times or Joyce? Teaching in a Catholic school once, I was forbidden to teach Joyce. He was “änti-Catholic”.


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