QUOTE TO NOTE: The Laity's Solid Faith

Sometimes the relevant part of a news story is simply a single quotation or two.  When that’s the case, we will share those quotes with you through this feature, “QUOTE TO NOTE.”


In a posting entitled “Is the church corrupt?” on his Washington Post blog “Catholic America,” Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo writes about the faith of the church’s lay people–a faith born in experience, and which is strong, complex, and trustworthy:

“The Catholic commitment to social justice is indelible in our consciences, even if we differ about how government tax money is used for the poor. We oppose abortion as a “method of birth control,” but think changing the social environment that leads women to abortion is more effective than changing Supreme Court justices. Almost all of us know someone among family or friends who is gay, and we are more interested in seeing them live happily than punishing them with restrictive laws. . . .

“Catholics are loyal enough to Jesus and to each other to prevail against the Gates of Hell that now besmirch the institutional church.”

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry

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