QUOTE TO NOTE: Marriage Equality is a Pro-Life Issue; Censorship

Sometimes the relevant part of a news story is simply a single quotation or two.  When that’s the case, we will share those quotes with you through this feature, “QUOTE TO NOTE.”


A Washington Post article entitled “Maryland House almost didn’t pass gay marriage bill” recounts the story of how the challenges the bill faced as it came down to the final vote.  A quote from one of the Republican Delegates who voted for the bill shows that support came from many different political perspectives:

“Friday’s tally would have fallen short without at least one Republican vote as well. After weeks of outreach, O’Malley got two: Robert A. Costa of Anne Arundel County and A. Wade Kach of Baltimore County.

“Kach told his colleagues that in January he had been certain he would vote against the bill. It wasn’t until a hearing a week before the vote that he changed his mind, after testimony from gay couples with children.

“ ‘As a pro-life Republican, I believe it’s my responsibility to make sure children are taken care of,’ he said. ‘I left that hearing a changed person.’ ”


A Philadelphia Inquirer article, “Curtains at Villanova for gay performance artist,” reports that Villanova University, an Augustinian school, has cancelled a week-long workshop by renowned performance artist, Tim Miller. In response, Miller lamented the restraints on freedom of expression:

“While the cancellation was not ‘unimaginable’, he noted that Villanova once staged Angels in America, the groundbreaking, Pulitzer Prize-winning play about the AIDS epidemic.

” ‘Times have changed,’ he said. ‘We’re in a much more coercive, censorious time.’ “

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry

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