Tyler Clementi's Catholic Cousin Speaks Tearfully for Marriage Equality in N.J.

Suicide of Tyler Clementi

Tyler Clementi

Perhaps the most moving Catholic testimony in support of marriage equality comes from Jennifer Ehrentraut-Segro, cousin of the late Tyler Clementi, whose suicide in 2010 because of vicious anti-gay bullying sparked a national movement to end bullying.  Ehrentraut-Segro, in front of the New Jersey Assembly Judiciary committee hearing on that state’s marriage equality bill, talks, through tears, about how anti-gay sentiment marred the joy of her wedding day, and also how her Catholic parish gathered around her and her family to support them after Clementi’s death.

You can listen to the four-minute audio here, thanks to GoodAsYou.org.

A tragic reminder that marriage equality is needed to save lives.  A hopeful reminder that Catholic straight allies have an essential role in this struggle.

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry

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  1. HeartOfGolds (@Heartofgolds)
    HeartOfGolds (@Heartofgolds) says:

    Francis, Thank you for sharing the testimony that I shared this week in regards to marriage equality. I’m going to keep at this until all are able to marry freely & celebrate our most formal expression and recognition of love!! Sincerely, Jennifer E-S.


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