Bad News/Good News for Irish LGB Teachers

The bad news in a Reuters article today about lesbian, gay, bisexual teachers in Ireland is that in most schools, these professionals must hide their sexual identity or risk losing their job.   What’s not surprising is the reason for this problem is that nine out of ten primary schools and half the high schools are overseen by Catholic officials.

The good news in this article, however, is that attitudes among the almost entirely Catholic population are changing rapidly and becoming more positive on LGBT issues.  The article details what one observer calls “a quiet revolution,” as Irish people become more and more accepting of LGBT issues, noting:

“This year’s gay pride event attracted 25,000 people, the second-largest procession in the country after the St. Patrick’s’ Day Parade.

“Polls show a majority of the public are in favor of gay marriage, including many practicing Catholics.”

Perhaps most telling is this testimony:

” ‘The Lord made them that way. They should have equal rights,’ said Ita Phelan, 91, on her way into Sunday Mass at Dublin’s main Roman Catholic church.”

It will be a “great day for the Irish” when thinking like Ms. Phelan’s spreads to Irish church leaders, as it is already doing among the Irish faithful.

–Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry

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